This Wasn’t What I Had Planned // I Dissent

This wasn’t what I had planned.

I had a pithy post about pants scheduled (that is far more unplanned alliteration than I am comfortable with quite frankly). I scrapped it. I was going to let my silence speak for itself, but as a 12-hour old blog, I doubt it would have been noticed.

This wasn’t going to be a political blog.

Except everything is political.

We don’t live in silos. We don’t operate in a bubble. Everything is political and ignoring it is to flaunt ones privilege. I will not do that.

I was dipping my nails – my quirky quarantine hobby – when I started getting multiple text messages containing expletives, one in particular succinctly stating, “Ima lose my shit.”

Me too buddy.

You probably know the news by now. Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died. It took me a good hour to process this news. Even so I feel like there is a part of my brain that is trying to protect me from the trauma and won’t allow me to delve into the darker, more sinister implications of one woman’s passing. I’m thankful for that.

I do keep coming back to this tweet:

And I realize, as I have realized multiple times since 2015 how fucking angry I am and how hard it still is for me to recognize and name that feeling. (The patriarchy is one helluva drug.)

I’m angry that a woman dies and we cannot simply mourn for her and her family.

I’m angry that we live in a country where democracy hangs in the balance of one octogenarian’s health.

I’m angry for reproductive rights, which are always in jeopardy, but even more so now.

I’m angry.

I’m not ready to dive into what this means for 2020 nor the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that we’ll see Republicans come home if only for the chance to name another judge to the Supreme Court.

Then there will be those that argue that RBG should have stepped down after Obama won his second term so he could nominate a younger judge, but you know what? Fuck that. Fuck the hot takes that tell women when they should step aside. We still live in a world that does not see a woman’s ambition the same way as a man’s. RBG was nominated to the Supreme Court under the Clinton Administration at age 60. I don’t blame her for wanting to keep going in a job she loved, fighting for a vision of democracy she believed in. Despite multiple bouts of cancer and rulings made from a hospital bed she persevered.

Nevertheless, she persisted.

My one wish is that before you start hyperventilating over the state of democracy without RBG in it, take time to honor her life. Watch the documentary produced a few years ago about her; learn about the woman under the crown. Channel some of her relentless energy. Suit up, pull that hair back, put on your best dissent collar (or earrings that were successfully targeted to you via FB Ads) and get out there and fight like hell to put candidates you believe in, in office up and down the ballot. Looking for ways to volunteer or if you don’t have time but have some extra funds, donate. Check out these organizations:

Run For Something

Vote Save America


In closing, Ruth, thank you.

Thank you for putting cracks in that glass ceiling. Thank you for shouldering the awesome task of responsibility democracy. We expected too much of you. We should have realized sooner the cruel irony of a democracy depending on any one human being. I hope you had some enjoyment in your final days. I hope that despite Covid-19 you were able to see your family and listen to Opera that you so loved. I hope the burden of what your death might mean, how it might impact the 2020 race didn’t weigh on you. I hope that you know that the women I see who mourn you are mourning for you. Not what you might represent.

Rest in Power RBG.

I fucking dissent

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