Saturday Musings

“Hope is annoying because it makes demands of you.” -Jon Lovett

I’ve got my dissent earrings in, my RBG mug in hand and I’m suiting up and going for a walk to honor a bad ass lady who also took time for self-care.

I think this quote about hope kept me from falling down the doom-scroll last night. It’s not in my DNA to accept injustice. I’m not going to seed power to Mitch McConnell and the Republicans before anything is happened. I’m going to mourn RBG, probably shed some tears on my walk – but on the bright side that should keep people social distancing from the lady with a baby muttering to herself as she walks down the street. Then I’m going to dust myself off, as women have done countless of times before and get back to work. I’m going to donate – maybe on top of my “Get Mitch” monthly contribution or to a down ballot candidate I believe in. I’m signed up to text bank for Wisconsin voters on Friday. I’m also going to look into how I might be able to help with the day of registration this Tuesday. The thing is there are countless ways to help no matter what the time or money constraint is that you have in your life. Please don’t give up. It’s actually the easier route to take. Do not give up your power. Do not accept results that have not happened. Do not try to predict the future. Be an active participant in your democracy. Because it is yours. It’s all of ours. And it’s time we start to take it back.

We’ve lost a great many giants over the past few years. We can no longer hide behind our heroes. We have to be our own heroes. We have to make history.

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