The Pants That Started It All // The Stupid Pants

This blog was started by a pair of pants. A pair of stupid, stupid pants. How can a pair of pants start a blog you say? Well, they are very, very advanced pants. They started reading at age 2 thank you very much.

I’ve been following The Mom Edit – a fashion blog – for years now and for some reason they let me in to their FB insiders group. This was during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, or NSA as the cool kids say, and while many items were proudly scooped up and displayed, nothing was more controversial than the Nike Palazzo Pants. We laughed. We swooned. We cried. We were generally perplexed by these flared, high waisted sweatpants. They looked insane.

Naturally I had to buy them, which inspired one of my first posts in the group:

Before I review “le pants,” a story:

Roughly 9 years ago I was looking for a wedding dress (not for fun-I swear I was getting married). I desperately wanted a high-low style dress (I was 22 leave me alone). I went into a shop with my mom and tried on every high-low dress they had. No luck. Finally a dress caught my eye that I had to try on because it was so stupid looking on the hanger. It had this weird peplum, a shape I would never pick, etc.

Needless to say…I ended up wearing the stupid dress at my wedding.

The stupid dress of my dreams. Still holds up.

Back to the pants, which I bought because FOMO. I anticipated failure, hilarious failure, but when I slipped into these buttery beauties…they’re even better in person than I could have imagined. They’re high-waisted and yet I don’t resemble a stuffed sausage. The pleating in the front hits the thighs perfectly and…they give me a hint of a bum. A bum I tell you! Is this the 2020 Coronavirus remake of “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?” Probably not. But I’m keeping the controversial stupid pants.

Le Pants

Also, I’m currently rethinking every bad thought I had about flared jeans.

Ps. I swear I don’t just own faux vintage Rolling Stone tees. I just have many feral children and am very tired.

There you have it. The Facebook post that inspired a blog because apparently there are people for which this weirdness works. They like it!

Until next time,

x Mere

Because links are a thing?

Nike Palazzo Pants, tts

“Vintage” Tee Shirt, tts

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