Pandemic Halloween with Kids

I’m going to level with you…I hate Halloween. I mean, I like it in theory – the costumes, décor (hold the scary movies), candy obviously…but the actual practice of going door to door asking for candy, no thanks. It’s creepy. We spend 364 days avoiding the doorbell, hanging “no soliciting signs” except for this one night where you send your kids to ring strangers doorbells, reminding them to dig out the M&M’s and Reece’s Cups, hold the Skittles – they’re trash. It’s weird in normal times, but definitely strange when we’re supposed to be 6 feet apart in masks.

So, I’m saying no to traditional Halloween this year and doing things my own way. Instead of hustling for candy, I’m putting together a scavenger hunt for the girls. After dressing up and taking approximately 532 photos in hopes of one or two good ones to post on social media (#getthoseFacebooklikes) they’ll get there first clue. I wrote seven in all that will lead the girls first to my parent’s house (they’re in our “bubble”), then to our backyard, through the house, etc. The final clue will lead them to their baby brother’s room where two Halloween baskets filled with some toys and candy await them. It’s basically Easter and I’m not that creative, but here we are.

Looking for other ideas? Click here

I also made a blank copy of the Halloween cards I used. Just write in your own clues! The size when printed is about the size of a business card.

Here’s to a spooky and safe Halloween season.

x Mere

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