Nordstrom’s Jeans Haul

Today was my first ever Nordstrom’s style appointment. My goal was to find a pair or two of jeans that felt really damn good after a tough summer (I had my 3rd baby via c-section in May and then umbilical hernia repair surgery in August). Basically my stomach is shot, my body feels way different and I decided I wasn’t going to try and shove myself like a can of freshly popped biscuit dough into my Old Navy Rockstar skinnies from 2 surgeries ago that I haven’t worn in well over a year. Pre-appointment I texted with my stylist and gave her the skinny on my jean predicament. When I walked in (first time in a mall in months – so weird) it was nice to have a spacious fitting room with various jeans already hung up and ready to go. She also included some truly horrid tunic tops. She asked beforehand if I wanted some tops and I said “Sure,” I love muted colors, slouchy tops, vintage style tees.” When I say Chico’s threw up patterns in that dressing room. And nothing wrong with Chico’s I am just so basic, plus anything that needs special washing and drying is laughable with a 4-month old who re-enacts the exorcist on the daily.

Ok back to the jeans. I went in expecting to cycle through a lot of sizes and styles, but honestly everything in a size 10/30 fit, just some more flattering than others. Fitting rooms can be an uncomfortable, even triggering experience. It’s difficult when mantras of body positivity (like actually body-posi, not fake IG stuff to sell ya diets) conflict with societies standards of beauty that are screaming at you through the mirror that your thighs rub together and without that gap ARE YOU EVEN A WOMAN IF YOU ARE NOT PERPETUALLY MAKING YOURSELF SMALLER. It’s a mindfuck. I am a work in progress, but I’m just sick of hating my body. I’m sick of wishing it was different. I’m trying to accept – no, embrace, love – the season I am. That phrase even feels cheesy, but it’s a season. I want to find jeans that fit me, not try to fit into a pair of jeans.

The first pair I tried on ended up being one of the two I purchased. Dark-wash flares by Mother Denim, which may be my new favorite brand. Loved the fabric, wasn’t sold on the shape originally. “Oh they’d be perfect for heels girl!” squealed my shopping savant. “I drive to Dunkin Donuts and back.” I said. “I do not wear heels. Yes I put on my eyebrows for you, but please don’t mistake that for someone who wears heels. What’s next? Perfume? Hair brushing?” In the end she was right…they looked better with shoes on…so I got them.

Flared are back Bebes

The second pair I went with were another I NEVER would have tried. When I saw the Madewell 10-inch Roadtripper Jeans I just laughed. A waif I am not. “Road trip if I stand the entire time and don’t breathe.” I thought to myself. Wrong. They are amazing. Just enough give and under $100. Seriously Madewell just does denim right. They hit at the perfect spot to hold me in, but don’t cut into where I had my hernia surgery. I was feeling them and ended up buying the graphic tee I found to go with it. Finally, I got a Kendra Scott druzy star necklace that my brother’s girlfriend told me reminded her of Hamilton (um, SOLD) and a “VOTE” bar necklace.

There were some duds. These cropped frayed jeans that my mother tentatively said, “Well…that’s an…interesting hemline!” Her attempts at not being critical are occasionally hilarious.

These Paige denim jeans were comfy, but I didn’t like the whiskering around the hips/thighs.

Overall I was very impressed with my first Nordstorm’s shopping assistant experience. It was free, which blew my mind, and I never felt pressured to buy anything. It felt like she was hearing me and respectful of my budget. I will definitely be back.

x Mere

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