I Saw the Sign

Today we took a drive to pick up my handmade RBG headband from a new local friend. While I ran to the door, my eldest, V, noticed the sign in her yard and the second I opened the car door screamed, “MOM LOOK AT HER SIGN! BLACK LIVES MATTER.” After I told her that I too liked the sign and knew my friend felt that way, V replied, “After a sea of Trump signs it was nice to see that sign.”

What’s amazing that I just realized is…we’ve never explicitly said Trump isn’t for the things on that sign. But she knows it. She knows that sign is not synonymous with Trump and his philosophy. There is something refreshing about a child’s black and white view of the world. It can be frustrating at times whilst trying to explain the shades of grey to a confused little face. But on some issues there really isn’t room for interpretation. One of those issues being racism. It’s wrong. Black lives matter. End of story. It’s amazing how adults muddy the waters (and maybe that is intentional).

Anyway my 7-year-old’s joy over seeing that sign gives me hope for the world. We can raise a better, more active, compassionate, race-conscious generation. We must.

Ps. How rad is this headband?!

x Mere

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