6 Ensemble Essentials for the RV-ing Mom

I’m already laughing over the “RV-ing Mom” bit. If you’ve read one of my previous posts (or I might have dreamed that) you’ll know that I have never been RVing/camping before this year (hey – I grew up in suburbia – my vacations consisted of down the shore and the one pilgrimage to Disneyworld that ever Northerner must take as a child). We recently decided that embarking on a weeklong RV trip to New Mexico with a 7, 5 and 4 month old was a good idea (spoiler: It actually worked out pretty great!), so I had to get acquainted real fast with that #RVlife.

Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or come to RVing by way of the pandemic, here are 6 ensemble essentials I couldn’t live without while in my home on wheels.

1. Layers, layers, layers. You go through all four seasons in the span of one day in New Mexico in the Fall (and in an RV when your husband only knows one setting on the A/C – full blast). Tie Dye is in and I am a sucker for a trend and any “excuse” to hit the $35 free shipping through Target with my Red Card. Here’s my go-to light sweatshirt:

Cropped Lounge Top Tie-Dye

2. Comfy pants: Sometimes ya just don’t feel like wearing sweats (I think, I mean, I’m sure there are people out there I just don’t know them). My Athleta Wander Pants are clutch when I want to look somewhat human, but still be able to explore comfortably. They can go from strolling the streets of Paris to the Calichi’s drive-thru in Alamagordo, NM (shout out to custard!). They don’t have the exact pants I wore (I got purchased them 3 years ago) but these are pretty similar.

3. Leggings: Yes, I know I just waxed poetically about the merits of structured pants, but that doesn’t mean leggings can’t get some love! These Blanqi postpartum leggings are literal perfection. They hold everything in nicely without leaving you feeling constricted, do not roll down and aren’t see-through for those times when you are bending over to pick up the paci your baby has thrown for the 4352 time that morning and you don’t really feel like showing off your granny panties (shout-out to GP, no shame).

Blanqi Everyday Hipster Support Leggings

5. Sneaks: I was between bringing my Cole Haan’s or my Superstars, but ultimately the Superstars won out. Stylish and mom-friendly.

Adidas Superstars

6. Hats: Hats keep all your secrets (and let’s be honest, your hair is so big because it’s full of secrets – name that movie!). Like when your baby wakes you up at 5am and between choosing to use precious time to make coffee or brush your lion’s mane, caffeine definitely wins out, you throw a hat on. Not only will it hide your unruly locks, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of a Lumineers album cover and therefore very hipster and v. cool.

Fedora Hat

6. Sunglasses: Last but not least…SUNNIES. I don’t know about you but I cannot get my act together when I go away. I want to be a cute Pinterest girl, but inevitably I end up forgetting half my makeup and am too lazy to apply what I have. Plus, sharing a small bathroom sink with 3 other humans makes makeup not only unappealing but potentially dangerous. Have you ever tried to apply mascara with two children squeezing past you in a confined space? No thank you, I cherish my eyeballs. Great sunglasses hide a multitude of sins (or, in my case, genetic undereye bags.) These Bella sunglasses by DIFF Eyewear are my favorite accessory. The bigger the better.

Can’t help ya drag that sled up the mountain, kid, Mommy’s got selfies to take

There you have it, 6 items to get you road-trip ready that’ll leave you one very happy camper.

x Mere

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