Friday Fashun

I’m going on my first “homeschool mommy hangout” this morning at the playground for a socially distant meet up with a likeminded mama and her 2 girls because my kids really need other tiny humans to stare at besides their brother.

It’s finally Fall in Texas (thrilled). I would describe my fashion style as “cocoon” so as close as I can get to wearing a duvet outside is my goal. I also kind of feel like I’m going on a first date, so I want my look to say, “I’m clearly not a Beauty Queen, but I will put on a bra and eyebrows when it’s under 80 degrees outside.” I half tucked my Target color block sweater (Target is that girl right now) into “the stupid pants” and my Adidas Superstars. Also, what better for some stupid pants than a stupid big ass barrette! 😂 (To read the origins of the stupid pants, check out my post “The Pants That Started It All.

PS. This is the first time my husband has seen the stupid pants. “THEY’RE FLARED SWEATPANTS” I exclaimed. “I can see that” my husband calmly replied. (Pause) They look good.

You look real good.

Awww damn looks like we have a stupid pants convert.

Happy Friday y’all!

x Mere

2 thoughts on “Friday Fashun

  1. Okay, I have curly hair roughly the same length as yours and am growing out bangs. Because I’m 47 and have ALWAYS had bangs until COVID, so what the hell, why not?! So I bought barrettes…. and now you gave me a great idea on how to wear it. Oh, and I can’t wait to wear my stupid pants but it’s still in the high 70s in the Bay Area, CA, so it’s gonna take awhile.


    1. Yay!! Yes barrette’s are a lifesaver. You can find inexpensive packs from Amazon.

      Texan here..yes it took weeks to finally have the right conditions for the stupid pants, but it was well worth the wait.


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