Go to Sleep

In the words of Ramona Singer, “Take a Xanax and go to sleep.”

This isn’t going to be a blowout. We aren’t going to get a formidable, early night referendum on Trump. No matter what happens I think what will be hard to swallow is that people double downed and voted for this racist asshole again. That despite a pandemic he has made substantially worse, this race is close. It feels wrong. It is wrong.

We were going to have to grapple with this no matter who wins. Our democracy is sick. Beating Donald Trump doesn’t change that.

I wanted an overwhelming win tonight for Biden. I wanted to hit the hay at 11pm CT filled with hope. Instead I might need to hit the hay at 11pm with a melatonin and the calm app. I might need to do lots of deep breathing and other activities to de-stress for the next few days.

I know this is hard to sit with. I know. On so many levels this hurts and is reminiscent of 2016, but I truly think it’s more like 2018. It didn’t feel like a “blue wave” on election night in 2018. It took days/weeks to see the forest through the trees and to see that midterm as the rebuke on Trump that is was. Joe has still been in the lead most of the night. We’ve held the House. Senate is still up in the air.

Don’t lose hope. Or sleep. We’ve given far too many lost hours of sleep to this monster. He doesn’t deserve that time.

AZ looks good on the POTUS and Senate level. If Trump loses that it’s bad. Ohio is close. NC is close. States that shouldn’t be close are. It’s not a 400 – 135 or whatever blow out, but an EC win would be an EC win.

Don’t give up but don’t stay up till 6am when PA is going to start counting votes. See? We won’t know PA tonight. Or Wisconsin. Or Michigan. Go to sleep. Mama Meredith is telling you to let go and rest.

x Mere

One thought on “Go to Sleep

  1. Ugh! I guess I need to brush my teeth and go to bed. I have a long work day tomorrow. Thanks and goodnight!


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