The Morning After

I think if we’re honest with ourselves, we knew that this could take a few days (even if we secretly dreamed of an early, swift victory).

I don’t think we prepared for how it would feel to see just how racist and cruel Americans are. How the cruelty of the last four years might just have been the draw, not the deterrent. I think there’s some part of some of our brains that could excuse 2016 Trump voters. They were tricked. They thought he would be Presidential. They figured at the very least Republicans in power would keep him in line if he did go off track.

No. Not a one. And yet we still saw Americans reward a party for failing to hold a fascist accountable. Rewarding racism. Lying. Cheating. Grifting. Mishandling of a pandemic. A tanking economy.

At the end of this millions more will probably have voted for Biden. It’s still very possible he wins the Presidency. But we don’t live in a country that declares the winner the one with the most votes. We live in a country that saw child separation at the border and said “yup, he’s still the one.” Watched millions lose jobs during a pandemic he’s mismanaged and said, “yup, he’s still the one.”

2016 wasn’t a fluke.

This is who we are. This is America.

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