What I Wore: Hanukkah Edition

If you read my previous blog, you know that we’re celebrating “Hanukkah light” this year for the first time ever (and, if not, now you know!)

I’ve basically been living in sweats and my husband’s deodorant all week (hey at least I remembered to apply!). Autoimmune disease flare ups + protocol to kill off overgrowth in your gut is the wooorrstttt.

Anyway I rallied today because it’s the first night of Hanukkah and truthfully I ran out of sweats.

I carefully fried latkes (no spillage! A Hanukkah miracle!) in my new velvet shirt I purchased during Black Friday from The Loft. I love the puffed sleeves and the fact it’s short-sleeved. Plus the greenish/blue color brings out the green in my eyes. I also bought these earrings as an impulse purchase to hit that free shipping amount (ya got me Loft) and I actually love them! They aren’t heavy, which is my number one fear, saggy earlobes lol. I never buy things like this but I guess the sparkle duster has made me a bit impulsive.

I paired the top with my Mother Weekender denim flares and UGG slippers. For makeup I‘be been turning again and again to my “Bye Bye Birdie” eyeshadow palette (I love Colourpop, affordable and fun colors) and my French press lipgloss from Bite Beauty. A few curls added with the straightener and hairspray and I feel fairly put together!

A “latke” goodness on this plate

Happy Holidays!

x mere

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