What I Wore When My Video Went Viral

I’ve worked in social media for years. Like, “before it was a college minor” number of years. Like “you’re 22 you know the facepage stuff!” years. The question I repeatedly get from new clients is, “How do we go viral?”

Did I say I was a magician?

Listen, there are ways to play the algorithms, hitch your wagon to the current viral trends, but true viral fame is unpredictable. People are unpredictable. What they will gravitate to and when is pretty random. When you create content, just be ready for a potential viral moment.

Oh, and put on some makeup. Seriously, if millions of people are about to see your mug, at least brush your hair.


Every year my mom has a Sound of Music Party. What started as a “movie she watched recorded off the TV in the 80’s to wrap presents to” has morphed over the years into a full-fledged party. Brown paper packages tied up with string, schnitzel with noodles (GF for us autoimmune ladies), the whole shebang. So, whilst getting ready for the now annual tradition, I decided to snap a few videos with predictions of what would happen during the party. Not so much predictions as certainties, because some things never change, mainly my mom crying before the opening notes are even sung and peppering the viewing experience with behind-the-scenes movie commentary.

After attending said party, splicing together the footage and uploading to Tik Tok I went to bed thinking to myself, “Hope my 40 followers like this. Maybe it’ll get 500 views!”

I woke up to 127.3k views, tens of thousands of likes, pleas for my mom to adopt them littering the comments.

“We going viral,” I gulped.

Le Video

So I did what any social media manager would do and immediately blasted it out on all my social media channels, tagging every media outlet I could think of. My stepdad sweetened the pot and said he’d give me $500 if Julie Andrews sees it (challenge accepted). My initial fear of mean comments (the meanest was being told I sound like Ivanka Trump) dissipated immediately – seriously the content is so wholesome, non-controversial – the reactions have been a dream. Basically it’s the polar-opposite of my Twitter moment early this month where I was called a child abuser for having an antiracist baby book (kewl times).

Currently the video stands at 1.5 million views with calls for my mom to go to Salzburg and attend a Sound of Music tour, The Castro for a Sing-a-long, etc. The follow-up video with 2019 footage (again, this is all so predictable) is my 2nd most viewed video of all time).

But let’s talk fashion now.

If you’re going to potentially go viral, you want to look good, but not like too good because you have a drooling baby prone to laugh-vomiting all over you.

I recommend a cozy knit sweater like this one I found on-sale at Target. I’m all about the earth tones and this mustard yellow fit the bill. I paired it with my trusty Blanqi Everyday leggings (perfect for postpartum, no matter how many days, months, years PP you are) and my go-to Blondo Waterproof boots. For a little Austrian lewk I added a side-braid to my hair and dipped into my “California Love” eyeshadow palette for some warm browns and shimmery golds. My lipstick is Charlotte Tilsbury’s “Secret Salma” along with the lip pencil “Pillow Talk.” (If anyone wants a full makeup blog that’s more in-depth, let me know in the comments).

That shimmer tho

What was most surprising is how many people also have a “Sound of Music” holiday tradition. It’s been a hard year and with so many people not having their traditional holiday gatherings, I think seeing something resembling normalcy and joy was the perfect 2020 palette cleanser. Maybe the potential viral impact was more predictable than I thought.

Stay safe & Happy Holidays.

x Mere

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