Home For the (Pandemic) Holidays

Instead of bombarding your inboxes with 3 individual posts, here’s my holiday/birthday look rewind.

Birthday Look

Being a near-Christmas baby is rad. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s a week of partying and you get to pretend people are jolly and put out lights in your honor (just me?)

To celebrate my 33 revolutions around the sun I went with a “Lilith Fair escapee” vibe. Leopard MIDI skirt I scored during Cyber Monday from The Loft, “vintage” Rolling Stones tee from Target, Vince Camuto booties I’ve had for years and love (my husband did get a kick out of watching me struggle to remember how to walk in heels – I looked like a newborn calf). Accessories: I was feeling “A Little Bit Alexis” (and having a horrible hair day) so I donned a floppy felt hat from Nordstrom Rack and my new handmade earrings from a small, WOC-owned shop out of South Carolina called BR Design Co.

Christmas Eve Look

I threw on my ridiculous sparkle duster, sparkle eyeshadow, my favorite David Yurman sparkly earrings, BLANQI everyday leggings, a black velvet cami and my beloved Fluff Yeah Ugg Slippers – because real shoes were just a step too far for dinner at my house.

Not pictured: My Christmas Day outfit consisting of pjs, a ponytail and glasses. 😂

NYE Look

I feel like this Anthro Faux Fur Jacket is an entire persona.

Like I’m a rejected cast member from the VH1 classic “Mob Wives.”

I also feel like I resemble smug (smug as a compliment) DC lady in fur coat whose reason for fame I forget.

She’s so happy. I forget why. But I think I liked it.

I would describe my 2020 style as ridiculous. This jacket fits the bill, but it’s also SO SOFT. Like delicious. Like I will drag my baby in a wagon around the house because he is not barfing on this jacket – soft.

My weird NYE outfit is stay-at-home perfection that pays homage to previous versions of my life on NYE. Hair and makeup done like I’m home from college for winter break, hoping to finally snog my HS crush, when the clock struck 12 (never happened). My nightdress from my mid-20’s – 2 kids ago when I did things like pretend I slept dressed like Betty Draper. And, of course, my beloved Fluff Yeah Ugg’s – which my 33 year old, mom of 3 in a pandemic has been living in.

Oh, and obviously a Red Bull so I can stay awake … till my baby goes to bed (we will be celebrating NYE on London time because we are v posh (ie: v tired). 🍾

See you in 2021.

x Mere

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