The Time is Now, The Day is Here

Yes, that’s a Les Mis quote in my title. If any day was created for some dramatics it’s today.

It’s sort of surreal that today is here. I remember 4 years ago, living in Tampa, beside myself with confusion and grief compounded by a move to “red” Texas 4 months later where I didn’t know what to do but I had to do something so I googled “who’s running in 2018 near me?” and stumbled upon Linsey Fagan for TX 26. “Well this is probably a well-oiled machine, but maybe they’ll have room for an extra volunteer.” I thought to myself.

Buckle up young Meredith.

FF and I’m Comms Dir. for the campaign and it’s the day before the 2018 Midterms and I know I have to buy these matching “Girls Run Thangs” shirts for us because no matter what happens she was making history and we were a part of something larger and it felt so good to be involved. (As you can tell we were also very tired and very loopy.)


That started what I hope will be a lifelong interest in politics and social justice. No longer taking democracy for granted (or the promise of what it could be – equality for all).

I hope everyone takes a moment to release that deep, painful breath they’ve been holding for four years. Have an ice cream sundae. Celebrate today. You deserve it. We’ll get back to work of fixing this country tomorrow.

I may not be going anywhere today but I will wear my “Girls Run Thangs” and a leopard skirt and Moto boots; an utterly inappropriate outfit for walking around the house with a baby who is prone to puking after this bottle/laughing/playing/really just breathing.

It may seem silly but fashion is inherently political and today I make a statement.
We make a statement. We reject hate. We work for the promised land.

x Mere

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