When You Become a Blogger

Breaking news: I’m a blogger now!

“But wait Meredith,” all 4 of you are surely asking yourselves, “haven’t you had this blog for months?”

Why yes Mom (jk she doesn’t have time to read this), but now I have a new gig writing for The Mom Edit, a lifestyle, fashion, etc blog for moms.

So here I am 24hrs into my life as a famous fashion blogger…

….lol jokes. But it’s been 24 hours since my introductory blog went live and here are some random observations/thoughts.

1. Comment sections are rough: And truthfully the negative comments could be worse. I think it’s hard seeing your insecurities reflected in the comments section. Most of the critiques are that I am another white woman writing for a WW-owned blog. Which like, yes, correct. No matter how much of an ally I want to be, I do not know what it’s like to live in a Black or Brown body. That is not my space. I am not what BIPOC women need. I don’t pretend to provide that. I know how it looks: there was one open blogger position and I took it. But the positions are not finite. It’s not a one for one. If it had been I wouldn’t have accepted the position.

2. Some of the negative comments are that I’m too small. (record scratch). It is WILD to spend your entire life trying to be smaller, always wishing to be a size X or see X number on a scale and – at your heaviest – be told it’s not good enough. It’s honestly kind of a mindfuck. Typically I would hide my size but now I’m yelling all over the internet “YOU’RE WRONG! I’M A LARGE, NOT A SMALL!” Again, very strange headspace to be in and something to examine for sure.

3. I hope that fighting with people on the internet about social justice and politics – and debating mayoral candidates while I wait in line to vote – will toughen my skin. In some ways it has. I have some helpful tools in my toolbox. But, it’s something altogether different when it’s your appearance that you’re putting out there for the world to do with it what it may. I think in order to make this a fun/creative/positive experience I’ll have to find a way to utilize the constructive criticism to be a better writer and discard the junk.

Also, this blog isn’t going anywhere. I’m not sure what I’ll use this space for, but I know I need an outlet I have control over so don’t unsubscribe! There’s more to come.

x Mere

3 thoughts on “When You Become a Blogger

  1. I hate that your introductory blog post was met with some criticism! I’m excited to see you join TME. Other people may see skinny white women, but I see several women who are all different heights and shapes. And it doesn’t necessarily matter because I can still pick up styles and trends that work for me. When people complain about not being represented, I wonder why they don’t step into the ring. Well, we probably already know why…those comments can be cruel!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your posts on TME!


    1. I appreciate you saying this. And I should say the team is amazing, a few criticisms won’t stop me, many have been lovely and receptive. I think in some ways it’s good to experience what it’s like to be grouped – a lot of times people like me – white people – are used to being seen as individuals – it’s hard being reduced to a general group. I can’t wait to start writing and hopefully people will get a chance to get to know me. Thanks again Jennifer 🙂


  2. I’ll be glad to see more of your writing on TME – I think you are hilarious and insightful. I don’t have very thick skin myself, but I sure am rooting for you to stay tough.


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