It’s Time to Stop Talking About Mass Shootings

Atlanta a week ago.

Boulder yesterday.

It’s time to stop talking about mass shootings.

We’ve talked enough. Talking has gotten us nowhere.

We need action. We need to abolish the filibuster and pass gun reform. We need to press candidates on their gun stance and vote out those who do not believe in gun reform. We need to support organizations like Everytown and work on the local and state level on reforms.

Everything that could be said has been said. We’ve learned that it doesn’t matter how horrific a shooting is; whether it involves young kids or dozens upon dozens of fatalities. Nothing will stop it until we demand legislation and a culture that doesn’t glamorize guns or present this false notion that freedom and the 2nd amendment means owning military style guns.

When school first closed due to Covid in March 2020, my first thought was, “Well at least we won’t have to worry about school shootings.” How deranged is that? How is that indicative of living in “the greatest country in the world?”

Now things are starting to open back up and people are even more siloed. There’s been an uptick in gun sales. It’s not if we’ll see more gun violence, it’s when.

It’s now.

It’s yesterday.

It’s last week.


Donate. Call your reps. Get involved. Don’t allow the momentary rage and despair to grip you for one day and then fade. Get to work. Keep working.

x, Mere

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