Let’s Jump to Conclusions

We’re in the middle of the Derek Chauvin trial, less than a year after his murder by Minneapolis police and another Black man is murdered by Minneapolis police during a traffic stop.

We don’t have all the facts yet. I’m already hearing chatter to that extent. “He might have resisted arrest.” “We don’t know if he had outstanding warrants.” “Let’s not jump to conclusions.”

You know what? Let’s jump to conclusions. Nothing that comes out of this investigation of yet another Black life stolen can convince me that:

1. The job of the police isn’t to serve as judge and jury – isn’t to murder.

2. That we need an overhaul of policing in this country. We need to reimagine safety and de escalation for all because this ain’t working.

I am uninterested in attempts by people to dehumanize Daunte Wright. He should have been protected. Justice was not served. Even if the officers are charged and convicted, nothing brings this 20-year-old back. His life mattered.

It’s going to take more than a few weeks of outrage and a black square posted in newsfeeds. Sustained commitment to a better, more equitable world where marginalized folx don’t have to worry that calling “insert safety or wellness department” will end in tragedy. Where a young Black man can drive the car his mom just gave him the week before, air fresheners dangling from the rearview mirror to maintain that new car (to him) feel, basking in the freedom of having his own wheels, blasting music that makes him feel infinite, without worrying that a traffic stop will lead to his death.

It’s got to stop.

x, Mere

3 thoughts on “Let’s Jump to Conclusions

  1. I am so ashamed to live in this city, or this country for that matter. There is no excuse for this latest murder by the police. If I had a scented card hanging from my rearview mirror no one ever would have even stopped me. And I in fact tried to pass a counterfeit bill once at a Super America station and became furious when the clerk wouldn’t take it holding up the line arguing and no police officer came and knelt on my neck for 9 minutes. But then, I am not Black.. This country has no soul. NO Justice NO peace.


  2. Sad situation… inexcusable.. but if true terribly sad that the officer (a woman) mistakenly used her gun instead of her weapon.


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