May 2022 Reading Wrap Up

After a lengthy hiatus, book reviews are back! I’m going to try to make this a regular thing – – for real this time – and review books I read the previous month the first week of the current month. That reads incredibly clunky – really killing it as a novice writer, Meredith! You know what I mean.

The rating system is simple: A book gets 0-5 Lindsey Buckinghams (everyone has their star, I love aging guitar pickers).

Without further adieu, the reads from May 2022.

American Royals (Book 1) by Katharine McGee

Image Credit: Goodreads

The premise of this book is a fascinating. What if George Washington became king and we lived under a monarchy and had a royal class (One could argue we kind of have a quasi royal class now, but I digress). The story focuses on the modern day Washingtons and Princess Beatrice, who is in line to become the first Queen of America. We also get to see the antics of her siblings – twins Jefferson and Samantha – along with Jefferson’s plotting ex-girlfriend, Daphne, and friend of Samantha’s, Nina. It’s an easy, fun read, plus it’s a series so plenty of more Washingtons to enjoy. It’s not Shakespeare, but it’s also not the Bridgerton books (shudder). Slight tangent, I read the first Bridgerton Book, who’s name I didn’t record to memory, and if it wasn’t the clunkiest, most uncomfortable, unsexy read of my life. And I read the 1st 50 Shades of Grey mind you. One of the few times I will recommend skipping the book and going straight to the film/series.

Rating: 3.5 Lindsey Buckinghams

House of Sky and Breath ( Crescent City, #2) by Sarah J. Maas

Image Credit: Barnes & Noble

I discovered Sarah J. Maas through her series A Court of Rose and Thorns which can aptly be described as fairy fucking. (I have to say, I didn’t love the first book, A Court of Rose and Thorns, but she throws an incredible twist in the second, so keep reading that series if interested). Since then I’ve been pretty obsessed with Maas’ world building. The Crescent City Series only has 2 books right now (I believe a third is coming out soon) and focuses on half-Fae, half-human Bryce Quinlan. I can’t say much without giving it away – some of the writing is a little cringe – but I will read everything Maas writes. She just pulls you in and I’m not typically a fantasy reader. It’s a reminder for me that it’s always worth it to try genres outside my comfort zone.

Rating: 4 Lindsey Buckinghams

Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1) by Sarah J. Maas

Image Credit: Amazon

Another Maas series. Throne of Glass reads a little differently than the other two series, mostly because there isn’t a hyper-focus on the main character’s – Celaena Sardothien – anatomy. That always felt weird to me about The Crescent City series. If I hear about Bryce’s luscious ass one more time…

This first book centers on known teenage assassin Sardothien who has been given the opportunity to gain her freedom from a hard labor camp if she is able to win the King’s tournament and serve as his assassin for 4 years. Of course there is a love triangle with her gaurd, Chaol Westfall, and the prince, Dorian Havilliard. It’s definitely the least sexy of Maas’ books, but I loved the writing and twist and turns. Definitely reading book two in the series.

Rating: 4 Lindsey Buckinghams

Twenty Guys You Date in Your Twenties by Gabi Conti

Image Credit: Amazon

Admittedly I’m a little biased about this book because Gabi and I went to college together. She was the cool older girl who looked like she just waltzed off a runway and I…was a very awkward freshmen (not much has changed). What’s fun about this book is the layout. Each chapter is a new guy and includes a bingo card, quiz and feedback from THE EX. Seriously the last part is fascinating and I was so excited to see what the guys had to say. If you lived for a Cosmo Girl or Seventeen as a teen, this book will bring the nostalgia (not to mention the many types of men – some of whom you’ve probably dated). Even though I was married young, I could still relate to a lot in the book. Do yourself a favor and skip the e-reader version; the hard copy is a delight.

Rating: 4.5 Lindsey Buckinghams

Free Food for Millionaires by Min Jin Lee

Image Credit:

This is a coming of age story set in the ’90s centering on a strong-willed daughter, Casey Han, of Korean-immigrant parents living in Queens who loves the lavish Manhattan lifestyle. One of my favorite parts of this book is the prose – it jumps to other characters multiple times in each chapter allowing you to really get into their minds in that moment. Not only do we get acquainted with Casey, but also her quiet, hardworking mother, Leah, her best friend Ella, among others. I found myself both rooting for Casey and shaking my head each time her stubbornness (and spending habits) got in the way of stability. Without ruining the book, the ending left me dissatisfied, although maybe it was the most realistic way to end things. I definitely want to read more from Min Jin Lee and her book Pachinko is on my “to read” list.

Rating: 4 Lindsey Buckinghams

That was the May reading wrap-up! Next month we’ll venture into some English History with Henry VIII, my first read by Heather McGee and more!

Read any of the books above? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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5 thoughts on “May 2022 Reading Wrap Up

  1. I’m a big Min Jin Lee fan. Loved that one but Pachinko is one of my all time favorite books. A must!
    Am not a fantasy person but appreciate your wide selection. Thanks!


  2. Hey Meredith! Thanks for the book reviews. I found Maas through my daughter and although I also love her world building, she really needs a better editor. If someone cut those books in half and deleted some of the “cringe writing,” I think she’d be amazing. Love the book reviews. Have really missed your presence on the other site and I’m glad I found you here!


    1. SO LONG. What I like about the series I’m now reading is the first one wasn’t ridiculously long. I had the same issue with the Outlander series. I found the first and second books compelling from a narrative standpoint, but then the length and absurdity increased and I had to abandon and just read the spark notes (which confirmed my decision to stop reading lol)


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