Le Blog (I don’t speak French)


Hello. It’s me. (Like actual me, not Adele) I haven’t blogged in a hot second. It’s not that I don’t have thoughts – verbosity is not the issue – I just don’t have the time. We recently moved and are in a season of change, which sounds like some cliche said in a Hallmark ChristmasContinue reading “Oh…Hi”

Let’s Jump to Conclusions

We’re in the middle of the Derek Chauvin trial, less than a year after his murder by Minneapolis police and another Black man is murdered by Minneapolis police during a traffic stop. We don’t have all the facts yet. I’m already hearing chatter to that extent. “He might have resisted arrest.” “We don’t know ifContinue reading “Let’s Jump to Conclusions”

Thief’s of Joy

I have a confession. I’ve spent far too many nights up late over the past year. I can’t blame the baby. I’ve been up late, furiously typing on the little device that I own – or owns me – obsessively refreshing my apps for the latest update. The latest argument. The latest scandal. In manyContinue reading “Thief’s of Joy”

Breaking Up with Texas

Have you ever woken up and suddenly found you are no longer home? I don’t mean like actually in a different home, because in that case ya probably wanna get some help. Trust me. Or cut down on the nightly Ambien. Or is that the one that makes you sleep eat? I feel like OprahContinue reading “Breaking Up with Texas”


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