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And Just Like That…One Year Later

(Below are excerpts from a journal a friend encouraged me to keep last year while everything was falling apart) Monday April 25th 2022 I haven’t written in a while. I haven’t journaled. I haven’t written on my personal blog. I’ve been too busy pouring my heart and soul into my job. Today I was surprised…

Haunted by a Nightmare or Chasing an Unfulfilled Dream?

Someone told me on TikTok that I should be on 60 Minutes. That made me want to simultaneously laugh and cry. Because, funny enough, I had an internship lined up with 60 Minutes the summer between my Junior and Senior year of college. And I gave it up along with a potential career in broadcasting.…

Joanna Weiss is a Woman Familiar to Us All, and That’s What is Scary

By now most of us have seen the Politico piece declaring 2022 the year we got tired of narcissists, which is nothing more than a faulty framework to attack a biracial woman who had the “audacity” to speak up against the mistreatment and racism she experienced. Still, Meghan Markle found herself smack-dab in the middle…

Love & (Long-Term) Marriage

Before I start this it’s important for me to note that a cornerstone of my marriage is respect. My husband respects my desire – my need – to create, write, record, etc. about anything and everything. In return, I respect my husband’s need for privacy. With that said, this post is not based on my…

November 2022 Reading Wrap-Up

This month was very light on the reads for two big reasons: And some months are like that. I think that’s ok, maybe even healthy to have a month where I’m not in bed every night at 8pm reading for hours. I love to read, but I’m also finding fulfillment in other activities. Presenting the…


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