It’s a Struggle to Love This America

I wasn’t planning on posting this week – forgive any spelling errors as I am on my phone – because I’m on vacation and for once had this crazy idea that I would actually take a vacation and not attempt productivity. Not to mention that I don’t actually have a paying job so… While IContinue reading “It’s a Struggle to Love This America”

Roe v. Wade is No More

Fuck. Not the best way to start off a blog post from an SEO standpoint but, fuck is all I have. Anticipatory grief is the anticipation that happens before losing someone or something. The grief that occurs during the wait. Abortion rights in this country have been on life support for the past decade, inContinue reading “Roe v. Wade is No More”

Thoughts on the Buffalo Shooting

Note for this post: When I say “we” I am referring to other white Americans. I typically feel compelled to write something after a mass shooting. They are so frequent that it has become routine. Writing is my salve. The way to get all the thoughts competing for space out of my head. Sometimes theyContinue reading “Thoughts on the Buffalo Shooting”

Can We Stop with the Weight-Loss Programs on Real Housewives?

There are few things I live for more than a new Real Housewives season. The season 14 premiere of Real Housewives of Atlanta did not disappoint, but RHOA’s Drew Sidora’s new weight-loss program storyline certainly did. (Note: To be clear, Drew is not the only housewife to have a weight-loss program. Who can forget TeddiContinue reading “Can We Stop with the Weight-Loss Programs on Real Housewives?”